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 This is a remarkable legacy and one which will be treasured and definitely not forgotten   Sir Frank Williams pays tribute to Patrick Head as the co-founder leaves the board of directors at Williams December 31, 2011

 To see passing at the push of a button is fundamentally the wrong direction for F1.   Triple world champion Niki Lauda makes his views on DRS clear December 30, 2011

 Four cylinder would have been nonsense, so the six cylinder is a good compromise.   Niki Lauda gives the 2014 V6 turbos his blessing December 29, 2011

 It's like a child being born. I'm not a father but they tell me that's how it feels.   Sebastian Vettel gets all paternal over the new Red Bull December 24, 2011

 I don't feel sorry for him as I'm assuming that he will get a cockpit.    Nico Hulkenberg says he does not feel bad about replacing Adrian Sutil at Force India in 2012 December 23, 2011

 Aerodynamics mean 80-90% of the performance of the car, this is too much. We don't do planes or satellites, we do cars.   Luca di Montezemolo calls on F1 to strip back the use of aerodynamics for performance December 22, 2011

 It was probably the smallest and slowest crash I've ever had. It is almost embarrassing!   Kimi Raikkonen says his snowmobile accident in December was blown way out of proportion December 21, 2011

 I'm not bothered if Jaime is going to HRT or not   Fernando Alonso shows there isn't much love between the Spaniards in Formula One when asked about Jaime Alguersuari's future December 20, 2011

 I don't know if it's a ballsy move but changing two drivers is something not many teams do.   Daniel Ricciardo admits Toro Rosso's decision to sign him and Jean-Eric Vergne for 2012 is a little unusual December 16, 2011

 It was along the lines of: "This is your captain speaking, your flight is ready for boarding."   Mark Webber reveals the text he received from Fernando Alonso reminding him that he had to go to the FIA Gala in Delhi. Webber's win in Brazil ensured he went instead of Alonso December 15, 2011

 I think it's a disaster. He gets to meet people that probably he wouldn't have met, and (who) have probably the wrong sort of influence on him.   Bernie Ecclestone is highly critical of Lewis Hamilton's management December 12, 2011

 It's not correct to go moving into somebody's country and try to change them. Don't go. If you know something's wrong, stay away.    Bernie Ecclestone says he would reconsider F1 in Bahrain if there was concrete proof of human rights abuses - but he has yet to be convinced December 10, 2011

 It's a dream so it's difficult to realise; it's like it's Christmas every day   Romain Grosjean seems a bit excited about his race seat with Lotus Renault in 2012 December 9, 2011

 If at the meetings we cannot agree even to the lowest common denominator, one wonders what is the point of all the effort   Helmut Marko explains why Red Bull was so keen to make an exit from FOTA December 6, 2011

 FOTA's drive has run its course   A Ferrari announces its withdrawal from Formula One Teams' Association after a dispute of spending restrictions December 2, 2011

 He's on thin ice at Maranello.   David Coulthard on Felipe Massa's future at Ferrari November 29, 2011

 Nobody really knows what I do or what I think apart from myself, so I don't really care what people say   Kimi Raikkonen confirms he is motivated to return to Formula One with Renault, even if it's just to ignore any comments made about him November 29, 2011

 If it was my last race then I would have done donuts everywhere, but I have to think of next year.   Rubens Barrichello opted not to let rip with his Williams as a goodbye to his fans at the Brazilian Grand Prix in case he got a penalty for 2012 November 28, 2011

 What do I want from Father Christmas? Along with Felipinho, I will be writing and asking for a fantastic car right from start to finish in 2012…   Felipe Massa doesn't appear to be too confident in Ferrari's design team ... November 27, 2011

 If Robert comes back that's because he will be competitive like before and attractive for the top teams.   Robert Kubica's manager Daniele Morelli bigs up his man ... and uses one of the biggest 'ifs' in sport November 25, 2011

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