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 But why would they want to do that?   Living in the real world ... Bernie Ecclestone when asked if he was worried anti-government protestors might target the 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix November 24, 2011

 I well know that next year is crucial for me.   Felipe Massa admits 2012 will be a make or break year for him in F1 November 23, 2011

 I don't know if it is going to be a winning car but it will be a hell of a lot better car.   Rubens Barrichello on Williams' prospects for 2012 ... but will he be there to enjoy the team's improvements? November 22, 2011

  I think if I was put in the Red Bull, I would do no worse than Webber.   Red Bull young driver Jean-Eric Vergne throws down the gauntlet to the old pro November 21, 2011

 I still can't speak about it, but on the same side I also can't remain silent, I've had enough of it, I can't keep everything inside.   Vitaly Petrov snaps and launches a broadside at his own Renault team November 18, 2011

 They can't bloody well pay. What do you want me to do, The teams want paying. It's not brinkmanship; it never has been with me.   Bernie Ecclestone's patience with the organisers of the possibly-won't-happen Austin Grand Prix runs out November 17, 2011

 He made some comments which I disagree with. It's rubbish.   Lewis Hamilton doesn't see eye-to-eye with Martin Whitmarsh's assessment of why he's been out of form November 10, 2011

 If Kimi decides to come back, I think the main difference for me will be that the parties after the races will be a little bit better.   Heikki Kovalainen is hoping his compatriot Kimi Raikkonen returns to F1 with Williams in 2012 November 10, 2011

 Any signature you can't read is mine.   Bernie Ecclestone to a slightly bemused German court when asked which documents he had signed November 10, 2011

 Formula One is still our life, but without Ferrari there is no Formula One.   Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo with a warning the sport has to change ... and change in the way that suits his team November 7, 2011

 India should have more karting tracks, not big F1 circuits, so that more kids come into racing and then you will see an increase in the number of quality drivers coming out of here.   Sir Jackie Stewart with advice on how India could find the future generation of F1 drivers November 1, 2011

 I don't give a f***.   Jenson Button replies to yet another question about Lewis Hamilton's season November 1, 2011

 I'm already looking forward to next year especially since the women here are very beautiful. I'll try to learn some more Hindi, maybe from Bollywood movies, to be able to impress them in 2012!   Sebastian Vettel explains how he will prepare for the next Indian Grand Prix October 31, 2011

 I don't want him to enjoy being beaten by his team-mate. I want him to try to beat Jenson, just as I want Jenson to try to beat Lewis.   Martin Whitmarsh on why he wants Lewis Hamilton to challenge team-mate Jenson Button October 30, 2011

 He just said, 'Have a good race'. This is trying to what? Have a good race is not part of talking or whatever.   Felipe Massa refuses an olive branch of sorts from Lewis Hamilton October 30, 2011

 When I arrived at the track I saw that exact dog walking around the entrance to the paddock.   Bruno Senna unhappy with dogs wandering round the track at the Indian Grand Prix. He had previous experience, having hit a dog during a GP2 race in Turkey a few years ago October 29, 2011

 Same old same old.   A downbeat Lewis Hamilton after again falling foul of the stewards at the Indian Grand Prix October 28, 2011

 Hopefully this will knock some sense into him and realise there is more to life. It really isn't worth it.   Former world champion Jody Scheckter with advice to his son Tomas who was caught up in the IndyCar crash which killed Dan Wheldon October 19, 2011

 It's part of our sport. He knew the risks; we all know the risks when we get in the car.It's a terrible thing, but unfortunately in our sport we've had a lot of days like these. They suck, but that's the way it is.   IndyCar boss Michael Andretti on the death of Dan Wheldon. Andretti had signed Wheldon to drive for his team hours before he was killed in a crash at a race in Las Vegas October 17, 2011

 The fight after the pit stop was haymakers, full-on into each other.   Mark Webber re-lives his fight for position with Lewis Hamilton at the Korean Grand Prix October 16, 2011

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