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 I can't say much except: Welcome to Spa - and welcome back to reality   A melancholic Kamui Kobayashi laments his lack of running during free practice at Spa-Francorchamps August 31, 2012

 Spa is like my living room; for me, it's clearly the number one race track in the world   Michael Schumacher sings the praises of the venue for the Belgian Grand Prix August 24, 2012

 I'm not the sort of bloke who's going to walk into a room and start demanding, 'Where are my blue Smarties?'    Jenson Button insists fame hasn't gone to his head over the course of his Formula One career August 6, 2012

 Formula One is not like a wishing concert where the slope always goes upwards in one direction   Michael Schumacher on Mercedes' recent form July 28, 2012

 They themselves have said it's not a big issue, so I'm sure they're accurate - they don't ever give us inaccurate information   Martin Whitmarsh cheekily says that he expects Red Bull to be unaffected by the engine mapping clampdown in Hungary July 27, 2012

 It's never ideal to put ourselves on the back foot by shooting ourselves in the foot with some penalties here and there. But it's a long season, it's a marathon and we'll keep boxing   Mark Webber livens up his PR commitments by including as many cliches as possible in an answer July 21, 2012

 His strong point is that, basically, he does not have weak points   Race engineer Andrea Stella on what makes Fernando Alonso so good July 17, 2012

 I've not given up on Formula One as I've yet to show everything I have   Tonio Liuzzi is keeping his F1 dream alive July 16, 2012

 I wonder what would happen if you put another driver in this car? They would get a real shock   Jenson Button underlines the problems facing McLaren July 9, 2012

 We suffer all the time anyway - with the government. So we're used to suffering.   Bernie Ecclestone on the resilience of the British fans July 8, 2012

 "It's not about whether we have big enough balls, it's about whether we have control of the car"   Jenson Button offers supports the decision to red flag qualifying at the British Grand Prix July 7, 2012

 I feel I could almost cry now   SIlverstone boss Richard Phillips at the end of a day where thousands were left stuck in traffic jams or stuck in the mud of the campsites July 6, 2012

 We are a world-class team and these guys get their s*** together pretty fast. So I'm pretty relaxed   Mark Webber brushes off any concerns about Red Bull's reliability at recent races July 5, 2012

 Michael is still in the game, I don't think he has lost it   Sebastian Vettel believes Michael Schumacher still has the potential to be a front runner July 2, 2012

  I'm not sure I will be blubbing like a girl but I will be emotional   Jenson Button admits a win at Silverstone would test his self control July 2, 2012

 It would be fantastic, good for London, good for England … a lot better than the Olympics   Perhaps even Bernie Ecclestone may have overestimated the importance of F1 in the great scheme of things June 28, 2012

 What do you want me to say? Nothing went right for me today   Speculation grows after another poor weekend for Felipe Massa June 24, 2012

 That's Formula One. That's the best thing we can say. It's unpredictable.    Fernando Alonso on coming from 11th on the grid to victory in Valencia June 24, 2012

 As far as I can see it's just a handful of people in the paddock who can't get used to not knowing by Friday who's going to win on Sunday   Peter Sauber dismisses criticism the tyres in 2012 are ruining the races June 17, 2012

 I've been in Formula One for 20 years now and for me it's never been better or more exciting   Peter Sauber rejects criticism that the unpredictability of the current season could be detrimental to Formula One June 14, 2012

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