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 Yesterday I was a lucky boy. The correct angle of impact saved me.   Mark Webber reveals just how close he was to a fatal injury after surviving a huge shunt at the World Endurance Championship finale in Brazil December 2, 2014

 There are a lot of fairytales about Ferrari and how it feels to drive a red car. In the end I can only confirm these fairytales. It's not just a story; it's a true legend that exists.   It sounds like Sebastian Vettel had quite a good time during his first Ferrari test at Fiorano after his switch from Red Bull December 1, 2014

 But do not worry, relax and enjoy. When it's time to know, you will know.   With speculation rife about his future, Fernando Alonso makes it clear he is still very much in control of his own destiny October 13, 2014

 My mind has been set for the last two or three months and you will understand that it was probably very obvious what I will do.    Fernando Alonso gives further hints about his 2015 prospects and suggests a deal has already been done October 12, 2014

 I repeat now. Whatever I want to do I will do, and in the moment I want to do it.   Fernando Alonso insists he is still fully in control of his destiny after the news Sebastian Vettel's will leave Red Bull in 2015 October 4, 2014

 When all these things come in from Italy it is not really clear what is the purpose, and if we know the purpose one day I will tell.   Fernando Alonso suggests he will oust the people in the Italian media reporting about a potential seat swap with Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel for 2015 September 18, 2014

 When the company has a change of plan, or if there is no longer a convergence of ideas, things change.    Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne hints at change at Ferrari while rebuking Luca di Montezemolo for his comments at Monza September 8, 2014

 Out of the car, I was never able to understand him; to me he is an indecipherable character, an enigma.   Former Ferrari technical chief Aldo Costa on his experience of working with Fernando Alonso August 8, 2014

 10-0 could be tennis, soccer, but not Formula One.    Ferrari team boss Marco Mattiacci reveals he probably hasn't ever played a match of tennis while defending Kimi Raikkonen's record against Fernando Alonso July 22, 2014

 I don't know why you always come up with motivation. If I didn't have motivation I wouldn't be here answering these kinds of questions. It's fuck all to do with that   Kimi Raikkonen makes it quite clear that he is still motivated to drive in F1 April 20, 2014

 If you do nearly 40 hours of flight in four days and you don't sleep for the last four days, probably you would need sunglasses   New Ferrari team principal Marco Mattiacci explains why he wears sunglasses indoors April 18, 2014

 I don't know him, we've probably met before.    New Ferrari boss Marco Mattiacci clearly struggled to make an impression on Kimi Raikkonen when they first met April 17, 2014

 I also quite like the idea of racing at Le Mans in the highest category: who knows, maybe one day we can return and win, say thanks and come home   Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo hints at a return to Le Mans December 16, 2013

 On Felipe's last day with Ferrari I want him to win. You know? I'm sick of not winning! I'm sick of f***ing coming in nowhere! I want to win!   Rob Smedley gets a bit excited during a live television interview on the grid ahead of Felipe Massa's last race with Ferrari November 24, 2013

 I still have all my teeth   Fernando Alonso laughs off his heavy bump over the kerbs while overtaking Jean-Eric Vergne in Abu Dhabi November 5, 2013

 It's like turning up at Old Trafford for a match against Manchester United and discovering they have to pay for the changing rooms, the hot water and the soap   Unnamed source railing against the costs imposed on teams by circuit owners October 9, 2013

 They say he won't help Fernando? Please! He will definitely do so   Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo insists Felipe Massa will still play a team role even though he is set to leave at the end of the year September 18, 2013

 For anyone thinking that the choice of Kimi is somehow an anti-Alonso choice, I can put their minds at rest   Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali insists Fernando Alonso is happy with Kimi Raikkonen replacing Felipe Massa September 11, 2013

 One lap of Spa is like twenty at any other track, in terms of the excitement and adrenalin it generates   Fernando Alonso on why the Belgian Grand Prix is still the most thrilling race on the calendar August 20, 2013

 Formula One has to be a clean sport without any of the monkey business we have had to put up with in recent years   Luca di Montezemolo calls for harsher punishments from the FIA August 7, 2013

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