13.00 Button is on soft tyres from 14th as the cars leave the grid and put some rubber down on their grid slot. All the drivers got away cleanly and are now warming their tyres through Silverstone's fast, sweeping corners.

12.58 All the drivers are now in their cars and the tyre warmers are about to come off.

12.55 We have a new circuit this weekend but most of the drivers are doubtful it will improve overtaking. If a driver makes a mistake in the fast right-hander at Abbey we might see a move into Village corner. Also keep an eye on Brooklands, because a bad exit out of the Loop will cost a driver all the way down Wellington straight. Stowe is still a possible overtaking place, but again, it will require a mistake by the lead car.

12.54 We can expect one-stop strategies today, but the question will be when the drivers come in to make their change. Both soft and hard tyres have been holding out well in the practice sessions, so it will be down to driver preference.

12.51 Force India is making its last few preparations: "10 min sign given by chief engineer Dom Harlow"

12.50 We have a packed crowd here today of around 100,000, giving plenty of support to Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

12.48 Hamilton is walking to the grid with his father Anthony, it's the first time he has done that this season after Lewis asked his dad to stand down as his manager.

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12.46 The national anthem rings out on the grid from a brass band in front of the two Red Bulls.

12.45 Martin Whitmarsh is expecting "a little bit of competition" between Alonso and Hamilton. The understatement of the season.

12.43 "I was massively disappointed yesterday," Jenson Button admits, adding the last two times he has been 14th on the grid he finished 5th and 1st. But he says McLaren haven't found much to work on after yesterday so his task today is huge.

12.42 Mark Webber sounds confident despite starting on the dirty side of the grid and without that special front wing on the front of his car. He will be hoping to barge his way past Vettel through the first few corners as overtaking is going to be incredibly tough.

12.40 Sebastian Vettel arrives on pole position with that controversial front wing bolted on. As usual the five burly mechanics take up their position at the back of the car to stop rival teams getting a close look at the car.

12.30 Welcome to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix. The Red Bulls have locked out the front row and look like the dominant package this weekend, but we should still see an interesting battle between them and also behind them, with Alonso and Hamilton lining up third and fourth.

The sun is out at the moment but there were a few showers around the circuit this morning and we could still see one shake up the action today.

Lap 1

Webber takes the lead off the start and Vettel has gone off through Maggots, Becketts and Chapel.

Vettel has apuncture on his right rear, it was hard to tell what happened. Hamilton is attacking Webber hard as de la Rosa goes off.

Lap 2

Vettel is in last place, Hamilton is all over the back of Webber and Kubica is up to third - great start by him. Massa comes into the pits with a shredded rear-right tyre and a terribly slow pit stop to change it.

Vettel pits for hard tyres and rejoins a long way down. But he will probably be able to make those tyres last the entire race.

Alonso is attacking Roberg for fourth after dropping a couple of places. Rosberg told he doesn't have to look after his tyres as degradation here is low.

Lap 3

Button is up to eighth, 0.5 seconds behind Schumacher.

A replay shows that the two Ferraris came together at the start. Vettel started to wobble in in Maggots and then had to skip across the grass at Becketts. However, he may have punctured his tyre before that when he ran wide at Copse.

Lap 4

Barrichello up to sixth with Kobayashi also doing well up in ninth.

Lap 5

Webber leads hamilton at the front by 1.4 seconds and the gap back to Kubica is now 4.2 seconds.

Rosberg tries a move on Kubica into Brooklands but then comes under attack from Alonso in Luffield.

Lap 6

Kubica is clearly in a slower car than Rosberg but can the Mercedes driver find a way past on this high-speed.

Lap 7

Another replay of the start shows that Vettel's tyre was punctured by Hamilton in Copse and it was that that caused him to run wide in Maggots and Becketts.

Hamilton has now dropped to 1.8 seconds off Webber.

Lap 8

Liuzzi pulls a passing move on Kovalainen for 17th into Village corner, but there is a big speed differential between the two. Now Liuzzi is attacking Trulli in the Lotus.

Lap 9

Kubica is still holding off Rosberg and Alonso but there is now a train of cars forming behind that trio.

Lap 10

Webber sets another fastest lap and is slowly but surely increasing the gap to Hamilton. The McLaren driver will have to hope that he can find a way past in the pit stops because it is unlikely to happen on track.

Schumacher runs wide exiting Club in the train behind Kubica, but Button wasn't close enough to capitalise.

Lap 11

Liuzzi gets past Trulli for 16th and now has some clear air to close on Alguersuari.

Webber now has the gap to Hamilton up to 3.0 seconds but Hamilton keeps setting personal best sectors.

Lap 12

Schumacher pits. The hard tyres go on and he feeds back in behind Alguersuari in 15th.

Di Grassi is in the pits and the engine cover is off, that doesn't look good for the Virgin driver.

Lap 13

Alonso, Barrichello and Kobayashi all pit and join ahead of Schumacher. Kobayashi just made it out in front of the Mercedes and managed to hold him off to gain a position in the pits.

Lap 14

Hamilton now sets the fastest lap to keep the gap at 3.0 seconds.

Kubcia pits from third position in response to Alonso - and he comes out in front of the Ferrari back in 11th.

So teh strategies are starting to unfold and the drivers that hvae now pitted have to stay on those laps for the entire race.

Lap 15

Alonso sets the fastest lap of the race as he attempts to leap-frog Kubica with a pit stop in a few laps' time.

Button is also lapping quicker now he has a bit of clear air and will want to get past Schumacher, Barrichello, Alonso and possibly Kubica with a well timed pit stop later on.

Lap 16

Rosberg pits but Button is staying out.

Webber is now closing on Vettel to lap him. The hard tyres are clearly not as quick on the Red Bull and Vettel is having to nurse them until the end.

Lap 17

Hamilton pits and gets a quick tyre change to hards. Hamilton comes out ahead of Button who is now in third but hasn't pitted.

Alonso passes Kubica but did so by flinging his car over the inside of the kerbs at Club.

Lap 18

Webber pits and resumes comfortably in the lead ahead of Hamilton. It looks as though he got a big advantage.

Lap 19

Rosberg now passes Alguersuari for position at Brooklands as Alonso closes on the pair of them.

Kubica claims that Alonso passed him by cutting the corner at Club a couple of laps ago but Alonso claims he was forced wide by the Renault. The stewards may decide to investigate it as Alonso did make the pass by leaving the track and cutting a corner.

Lap 20

Webber's lead is now up to 3.8 seconds after his pit stop.

Kubica comes into the pits with a problem. It looks like the end of his race as he is pushed into the garage.

Lap 21

Button is still hasn't pitted for hards and probably wants to do its soon as he is not lapping as fast as Rosberg and Alonso, who he is trying to leapfrog with his strategy.

Lap 22

Button is now heading into the pits. A good stop but he comes out behind Rosberg and Alonso. He is now sixth but Hulkenberg in third still needs to pit.

Lap 23

Vettel is about to start passing cars for position as he comes up behind Glock at a rate of four seconds per lap.

Meanwhile, his Red Bull team-mate is now 4.7 seconds up on Hamilton and looks to have this race in the bag, barring reliability problems.

Lap 24

The best battle on track at the moment is between Buemi and Liuzzi. The Force India hasn't pitted yet and appears to be going long on the set of hards it started the race on.

Lap 25

Vettel passes Glock with ease to move up to 18th.

Kubica says it was a differential problem that forced him to retire and adds that Alonso was about to be told to give him that position back before he retired.

Lap 26

Hamilton is now 6 seconds behind Hamilton but over 20 ahead of Hulkenberg in third who has yet to stop.

A good battle between Sutil and de la Rosa for 11th is also emerging and the Force India goes past into Stowe. A piece of bodywork flew off de la Rosa's car down the hanger straight and he has now dropped off the pace.

Lap 27

A replay shows de la Rosa was hit from behind by Sutil down the main straight.

Alonso is given a drive-through penalty for his pass on Kubica.

Lap 28

Hulkneberg pits from third.

The safety car is out, presumably to clear the debris that came off the back of de la Rosa.

Lap 29

There is quite a lot of carbon fibre on the pit straight and the marshals are now clearing it away.

Alonso will now have to complete his penalty after the safety car and that will cost him as the pack will be bunched up.

Lap 30

Safety car is in this lap and this is an opportunity for Hamilton to have a go at Webber. Vettel is now up to 15th and will attempt a move on Massa ahead of him.

Lap 31

Webber hold position easily at the restart as Alonso serves his penalty.

Lap 32

On his first flying lap after the safety car, Webber sets a new fastest lap and pulls a gap of 1.3 seconds over Hamilton.

Alonso has rejoined back in 16th behind Liuzzi.

Lap 33

Schumacher was passed into Brooklands by Sutil but the pair made contact.

Lap 34

Vettel has got past Massa at the bottom of the circuit and now Alonso is all over the back of Buemi.

Alonso passes Buemi into Village corner with a huge slide under braking. Fortunately the Toro Rosso gave him enough space. Alonso tells his team to stop talking to him over the radio.

Lap 35

Button is now closing on Rosberg and the gap is down to 0.7 seconds.

Lap 36

Webber sets another fastest lap to go 3.8 seconds ahead of Hamilton.

Meanwhile, Vettel is up past Alguersauri for 11th and is now attacking Petrov and Hulkenberg.

Lap 37

Schumacher is now coming under pressure from Hulkenberg and is leading a train of seven cars back to Alonso.

Alonso attempts a move on Liuzzi into Village but went too deep and the Force India retook the position.

Lap 38

Vettel passed Petrov into Village after the Renault ran wide coming out of Abbey. The Red Bull driver goes on to pass Hulkenberg out of the Loop another good move by Vettel. Schumacher is the next target.

Lap 39

Webber has the lead up to 4.9 seconds and again looks very comfortable out in front.

Button's charge on Rosberg has subsided and the gap has steadied at about a second.

Lap 40

Massa has spun off somewhere and comes into the pits with four flatspotted tyres.

Lap 41

Vettel beats Schumacher into Brooklands after a wheel-to-wheel battle through Village and the Loop, great racing. Schumacher left him just enough room and Vettel maximised the car advantage he had to pass.

Lap 42

Vettel is now up to 8th with 11 laps to go. Sutil is the next target.

The gap at the front is now up to 5.3 seconds.

Alonso is still all over the back of Liuzzi but can't find a way past.

Lap 43

Hamilton is still pushing and sets the fastest lap of the race as his fuel load comes down. but Webber has him covered and is just a tenth or so off the McLaren's pace.

Lap 44

Vettel is now closing on Sutil. He has a lot more speed through the fast corners and could attempt a move into Village after Abbey.

He does attempt a move after gaining a huge amount of time through Abbey but had to try around the outside into Village and couldn't mak it stick.

Lap 45

Vettel is desperate to get past and attack Kobayashi and Barrichello ahead of Sutil.

Lap 46

Sutil holds Vettel off again on that last lap after going defensive into Brooklands.

Alguersuari has beached his car in the gravel at Luffield. That will need to be lifted away but probably won't result in a safety car.

Lap 47

Button has been told he has to settle for fourth as he is running low on fuel. A good drive by him.

Lap 48

Alguersuari's car is now cleared so overtaking into Brooklands is now back on with the yellow flags now gone.

Alonso runs wide out of Copse as he tries everything to find a way past Liuzzi.

Lap 49

Vettel is very close to Sutil through Copse but loses ground through Maggots, Becketts and Chapel in the dirty air. Schumacher and Hulkenberg are now closing on that battle too.

Lap 50

Alonso pits with a puncture on the left rear. He got past Liuzzi but then they touched heading down the Wellington straight.

Lap 51

Vettel attempts a move on Sutil but runs wide heading into Village. He just holds onto the car and position ahead of Schumacher.

Vettel passes Sutil but only after clouting the side of the Force India into The Loop.

Lap 52

Webber wins after a brilliant drive in the lead from lights to flag. Hamilton comes across the line for second ahead of Rosberg, Button, Barrichello, Kobayashi, Vettel, Sutil, Schumacher and Hulkenberg.

Webber is congratulated over the radio and responds "not bad for a No. 2 driver".

Alonso finishes 13th but sets a fastest lap on his final attempt just to show what he was capable of this weekend. Ferrari will not be happy about his drive-through penalty, which was certainly very harsh.

Webber parks his car in the pit lane alongside Rosberg's Mercedes and Hamilton's McLaren.

A huge roar from the crowd as he throws his arms into the air in celebration.

It was a fantastic race with plenty of overtaking and a very well-deserved victory for a very popular winner.

Thank you for joining us, we'll be back in two weeks time for the German Grand Prix, but make sure you check the website over the next few hours for all the reaction from every driver and every team.