• Hungarian Grand Prix

Schumacher apologises to Barrichello

ESPNF1 Staff
August 2, 2010 « Irvine slams 'idiot' Schumacher | »

Michael Schumacher has admitted that his move on Rubens Barrichello was 'too hard' and has apologised to his former team-mate for his actions.

Schumacher issued the apology on his own website after reflecting on his defensive manoeuvre that nearly drove Rubens Barrichello into the pit wall at 180mph during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

"Immediately after the race yesterday I was still in the heat of the moment but after seeing the incident with Rubens again, I have to say the stewards were right in their decision. My move against him was too hard," Schumacher said on his official website.

"Naturally, I wanted to make it difficult for him to overtake me. I clearly showed him that I didn't want to let him pass but, looking at it rationally, I wasn't seeking to endanger him with my manoeuvre. If he feels I was then all I can say is sorry, this wasn't my intention."

Schumacher's latest stance is in stark contrast to Sunday, when he appeared unrepentant after the race.

"I was moving over to the inside to make it very obvious and clear to him to go on the other side, there is more space for you there. He didn't choose to, so it got a bit tight. We know certain drivers have certain views and there is Rubens."