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 If I was driving like shit last year, I wouldn't be here even if Sebastian went away.    Daniil Kvyat is not impressed with the suggestion his elevation to Red Bull only came after Sebastian Vettel's departure to Ferrari February 4, 2015

 They are unfortunately becoming a very restrictive set of regulations, so much so that the car is designed for you.    Red Bull design guru Adrian Newey is not a fan of F1's restrictive regulations February 3, 2015

 Do I look camouflaged? Maybe I need a matching helmet so you can't see me!    Daniel Ricciardo jokes that Red Bull's new camouflaged livery does not go far enough on the RB11 February 1, 2015

 Looks like Seb's got my car this year.    Mark Webber pokes fun at the fortunes of former team-mate Sebastian Vettel after his spate of reliability issues this season. September 6, 2014

 In Spa I heard I had signed for £150m for three years. I was asking where the pen was but nobody came back to me!   With mounting speculation he has been approached by McLaren, Sebastian Vettel jokes about some of the media reports on his future September 4, 2014

 The secret? I give mine a kiss every night, with tongue!    Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo explains why he's had better luck with his car than team-mate Sebastian Vettel this season July 17, 2014

 This is the tenth day of testing and we are about ten days behind I reckon   Christian Horner outlines the extent of Red Bull's problems so far in testing March 1, 2014

 There has been very little running. Everyone is struggling   Sebastian Vettel sums up a dull first day of testing at Jerez January 28, 2014

 It's music, yes, but it's more melodies, no singing, so no Justin Bieber   Sebastian Vettel doth protest too much when asked what music is on his iPod October 27, 2013

 It's like turning up at Old Trafford for a match against Manchester United and discovering they have to pay for the changing rooms, the hot water and the soap   Unnamed source railing against the costs imposed on teams by circuit owners October 9, 2013

 I think it's the best track in the world to be honest   Sebastian Vettel can't wait to leave Mokpo behind and get to Suzuka October 6, 2013

 Kimi would have to be an option   Christian Horner on the possibility of Kimi Raikkonen being Mark Webber's replacement June 27, 2013

 I'm not worried that we will have something other than two top drivers in the end   Helmut Marko stays relaxed about who will be driving for the team in 2014 May 1, 2013

 Sometimes the truth is not what the people want to hear because as you can see controversy is more popular than the truth   Sebastian Vettel continues to dig a hole for himself April 11, 2013

 Webber/Vettel saga has been brilliant for F1. Heated debate still raging the Thursday after race. You can't buy that kind of publicity   Martin Brundle with a different take on events at the Malaysian Grand Prix March 28, 2013

 He put his interests beyond what the team's position was. We'll take about this behind closed doors -- it is not the end of the matter. He and I will be having future discussions   Red Bull team principal Christian Horner reacts to Sebastian Vettel ignoring team orders on his way to victory at the Malaysian Grand Prix March 24, 2013

 The team made a decision to get the car to the end. But Seb made his own decisions and will have protection. That's the way it goes   A very unhappy Mark Webber after Sebastian Vettel ignored team orders and overtook him to win the Malaysian Grand Prix March 24, 2013

 I had a very short word with Mark and then it hit me quite hard and I realised that I f****d up   Sebastian Vettel tries to apologise for his decision to ignore team orders and pass Mark Webber March 24, 2013

 I find it a bit ridiculous ... I mean, in his first 100 grands prix, he won 26, more than one in four. What else does he need to do?   Former world champion Damon Hill scoffs at suggestions Sebastian Vettel is not yet a great of the sport March 9, 2013

 This is as delicate as asking a woman her age! You never ask about contracts!    Sebastian Vettel refuses to comment on whether he will be signing a new contract with Red Bull February 14, 2013

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