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The Six Nations advert the BBC tried to ban
ESPN Staff
February 27, 2014

Six Nations rivalry is nothing new and in 2012, the BBC put together a video around this theme which never made it on to the television. But in the past couple of days, the advert has come to light and quickly swept the various social media sites.

It was never meant to see the light of day and a BBC spokesperson told the Daily Mail they were baffled it had suddenly re-emerged.

"This trailer was part of our promotion for the Six Nations in 2012. The creative concept was around fans being united in rivalry. We featured real fans from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland in the trail all talking about who they wanted to beat.

"The non-English fans interviewed for the trail all wanted to beat England which made the first cut of the trail slightly unbalanced. We therefore changed the balance of the fans in the next edit to make the trail more representative."

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