15.09 The race starts the moment the safety car leads them away.

15.08The tyre warmers are off, we are about to go racing. All cars are on full wet tyres.

15.07 A view of one of the kerbs shows plenty of standing water. The conditions have got worse in the past ten minutes.

15.04 The BBC's Martin Brundle reckons they should have started from the grid.

15.03 Vettel is told that the rain won't get any worse but we are set for a wet afternoon.

15.00 The race will start behind the safety car, which is a real shame. The conditions are bad, and getting worse, but it will take away from the spectacle and the drama by starting behind the pace car. It also means all cars will start on extreme wet tyres.

14.58 It is still raining hard and it's likely that it will be set in for the afternoon now.

14.55 Start delayed by ten minutes, presumably just to judge which way the condition are going to go. They can't keep delaying it though as it gets dark well before 18.00 and this race may well run to the full two hour limit.

14.51 Christian Horner wants to start behind the safety car - no surprise there. There is no standing water so in theory it should be a grid start. It would ruin the start of the race if it does start behind the safety car.

14.49 Force India says: "A big crowd watch the first ever korean gp start. They are in for a good one as it is raining!"

14.46 McLaren is leaving it up to its drivers to decide on tyres, Button is apparently happy with the inters. However, the conditions are changing all the time and more rain is now hitting the track.

14.43 All the drivers are now lined up on the grid, Button was the only man to turn up on intermediates but he can still change his mind if he wants.

14.42 Track designer Hermann Tilke is happy with the track conditions and says it is better than he expected.

14.39 The rain isn't necessarily bad news for Webber as the damp track will mean his disadvantage of starting from the left handside of the gris is negated. However, a wet race means nothing is guaranteed.

14.37 Just to update you on the conditions if you haven't been following this weekend's action: The track surface is brand new and oils are still seeping up from the tarmac. That wasn't a massive problem in the dry but in the wet those oils are mixing with the rain and making the track very slippery. Fortunately we have the 24 of the best drivers in the world.

14.35 Rain is falling pretty heavily now and Glock has already spun his Virgin on wets, Massa and Schumacher have also made minor mistakes. They really have to push to the limit on these laps because if they can run intermediate tyres they will. Tyre choice will be crucial.

14.33 Cars are heading to the grid and these outlaps will be crucial for the drivers to get an idea of how much grip there is. Vettel has been out on intermediates and has come in to try full wets.

14.30 Welcome to Yeongam for the Korean Grand Prix. It's wet and it should be a fantastic race.

Lap 1

The race is underway and the conditions do look pretty terrible.

James says: "Will someone please tell Charlie Whitting to, "Butch up, Sally?" The safety car start is going to ruin Korea's inaugural race. I may as well go to bed."

Button: "It's like a lake on the straight, it'll be a while before they start this one."

Sadly I think he might be right.

Lap 2

We've started lap two. Massa is told that there is another 20 minutes of rain and he could have five or ten laps behind the safety car. Massa also told to keep the pressure in the tyres byflooring the throttle and braking hard behind the pace car.

Senna has gone into the pits but won't lose any positions as he is starting from the back.

Lap 3

Bernd Maylander leads the field across the line to start lap three. Having 24 cars out on track will start to dry it a bit.

Alonso says it is the worst conditions he has ever driven in and that he can't see Webber in front.

Lap 4

The race has been suspended.

The cars are now lining up on the grid again and the mechanics are ready to come out and service the cars. Button has asked for a new gloves and suit as he is absolutely soaked.

The cars are lifted up on the jacks and the tyre warmers have come out.

Senna pitted because he thought there was something wrong with the car, it was in fact just the track conditions.

Red Bull is forecasting 40 minutes of rain and Horner says it is too wet and dangerous to race.

Renault says: "The grid is now busy again as mecanics and engineers are looking after the car until further instructions re. re-start time."

Hamilton was saying over the radio that grip conditions aren't that bad and he wants to go racing.

Sunsets at 17.50 so it will start getting dark a bit before that. If it starts at 16:00 we might get 75% distance.

The noses are off both Mercedes and it looks as though they are tinkering with the fluid reservoirs. Meanwhile Kubica and Hamilton have gone to the toilet... at least I presume that is what they are doing.

Mark says: ""Butch up" is all vey well and good, but, it's a brand new track, the surface hasn't cured, and is oozing oils. To start now would risk the possibility of skating, rather than racing."

James says: "This is turning into a disaster for Korea International Circuit. Rain delay, safety car start, not going the full distance. This could be as deadly for the Korean fans as the tire fiasco was for the fans at Indy in the U.S. in 2005."

Webber says that visibility is the main issue and that there is a lot of water on the second straight between two unforgiving concrete walls. He adds that the aquaplaning isn't crazy but the problem is that it is consistently wet all around the circuit.

The cars are now covered in plastic sheets and all the drivers have got out and are wondering around the pit straight and pits.

Paco says: "Taking into account all the factors at hand and the fans, the best answer would be as follows: Wait for the worst of the rain to pass, then race for half the distance and set the second half for tomorrow."

Of course, if the race is under 75% race distance the drivers will only get half points.

The rain is starting to ease off.

An interesting fact from Bridgestone: "Wet tyres displace 61 litres per second on an F1 car at 300kph - making it rather difficult to see"

Webber and Alonso are talking to the safety car driver Bernd Maylander, exchanging stories about how bad the conditions are. Webber and Alonso don't sound keen to head out.

Domenicali is expecting the rain to ease off at 16:00 (in seven minutes) and says it is still possible to get a full race in.

The race will be resumed at 16:05. The race will start behind the safety car with all the drivers on full wet tyres again.

James says: "This is shaping up to really bolster Webber's championship chances. A half point race will make it much more difficult for Alonso or Vettel to catch him."

Paco says: "I love the fact that F1 runs even in the rain, but there has to be some limit set by common sense. If the drivers have serious concerns we should listen/ Let's recall the day Ayrton Senna died."

The medical car is out on track and moving pretty swiftly, although the conditions are still pretty terrible.

Ferrari engineer Rob Smedley says conditions aren't much better but that he can now see the rain clouds passing so it might stop raining soon.

The cars are being fired up and the tyre warmers are coming off.

The Korean Grand Prix is back underway, the safety car leads Vettel off the line.

The second straight is still very wet but overall the track looks better.

Vettel: "There is still a lot of water, a little bit better, but still a lot of water on the straights." Of course hw would be quite happy to take the points at the moment.

Lap 5

Di Grassi has come into the pits. He's taking on another set of extrem wet tyres and drops to the back of the field.

Yamamoto has left the track in sector two but rejoins without any drama. Button: "It's a little bit better but still very, very wet."

Lap 6

Lap six is underway. The teams' radar is showing that the conditions are set to improve. It certainly looks a lot better from the TV feed.

Barrichello is told there will be light rain for 25 minutes and then it will stop.

Lap 7

It's very important for the drivers to keep temperature in the tyres and brakes. However, a mistake under the safety car would be very embarrassing.

Vettel says the water on the straight is slowly decreasing and that it is getting better little by little.

Lap 8

Di Grassi had a problem with his tyre pressures.

Schumacher runs wide at turn three but holds onto position.

Hamilton: "Conditions are good, track conditions are improving all the time."

Lap 9

Schumacher was late on the brakes into turn one and nearly passed Kubica, it looks as though he was just testing the limits.

The BBC's Martin Brundle wants the race organisers to get on with it and says "We have all raced in worse conditions".

Anthony Davidson says: "Agree with Lewis 100% Track is good! Let's get a move on!!! They'll be on Inters in a few laps!"

Lap 10

There is still some rain falling as the drivers start the tenth lap.

Sutil wants to get underway: "Adrian says getting better but it is drivable. Let's start the race"

Lap 11

Webber says he doesn't see a huge difference in track conditions, but then he would say that wouldn't he....

Alonso told the forecast is for five minutes more rain.

Lap 12

Hitendra asks: "What kind of tyres are most people on?"

They are all on full wet tyres as the race has started behind the safety car.

Lap 13

Hamilton is still very keen to start the race.

The track conditions are definitely better than earlier on, in terms of standing water on the straights and spray.

Lap 14

Di Grassi pits again for yet another set of full wet tyres. He's now used his full allocation.

Lap 15

As the drivers cross the line, the spray is much, much better and di Grassi is lapping quickly at the back to catch up to the HRTs.

Dimitar says: "Here is one more vote for starting the race!!!"

Lap 16

Kubica says there is still too much spray and he is fairly impartial.

Hamilton says he is nearly ready for intermediates.

Lap 17

Safety car is in at the end of this lap.

Conditions look better and the drivers are now putting as much heat as possible into the tyres.

Lap 18

Vettel leads over the line, Webber second ahead of Alonso. It's as they were at the front. Schumacher beats Kubica.

Schumacher is looking very quick and is closing on Button. The Mercedes are working well in these conditions.

Rosberg beats Hamilton into turn three. Button has a go at Massa into turn four.

Lap 19

Vettel leads Webber by 2.8 seconds.

Sutil runs wide trying to beat Hulkenberg into turn one and loses a place to Barrichello.

Vettel is pulling away at the front. Webber is out!

Vettel has got a huge lead but it will all disappear under the safety car.

Rosberg collected Webber as he spun.

Safety car out.

Webber just ran wide and lost the rear end. He came to the inside of the track and Rosberg has nowhere to go.

Lap 20

So Alonso crosses the line 12.5 seconds behind Vettel but the safety car is out. Petrov stops for intermediates, as have the Saubers.

Lap 21

The safety car has now picked up Vettel as the leader bunch up.

Webber is heading back to the pits on a scooter.

Lap 22

It shouldn't take too long to clear the debris so hopefully will be racing again soon.

Kobayashi skips a corner in sector two as he gets used to his new intermediate tyres.

Webber returns to the paddock with mud on his overalls and helmet. He looks absolutely gutted.

Lap 23

The drivers are now running off the racing line to try and cool their tyres as its getting drier.

Safety car is in this lap. More light rain is expected.

Lap 24

The race has restarted Vettel leads Alonso across the line.

Vettel has a comfortable lead again. Massa is close to the back of Hamilton and Button is also closing.

Trulli crashed into Senna at the back of the field and lost a front wing. That was a mistake by the Lotus trying to pass.

Lap 25

Vettel is 2.1 seconds up on Alonso, who is 1.7 up on Hamilton.

Trulli is back on the pits and cuts his engine.

Lap 26

Vettel leads Alonso by 2.5 seconds and is the quickest car on the track by 0.3 seconds.

Kobayashi runs wide trying to pass an HRT at the back. The intermediates are not working out for him.

Lap 27

Vettel leads by 2.8 seconds as di Grassi crashes out.

Schumacher passes Button into turn three. He got a good run down the straight and beat him under braking.

Di Grassi lost the rear of his car trying to pass Yamamoto.

Lap 28

Vettel is 0.7 seconds a lap up on Alonso and looks comfortable.

Glock is currently running 13th, if he can gain a couple of places he will put Virgin into that magic tenth place in the constructors' championship.

Lap 29

Hamilton is now the fastest man of the race as team-mate Button comes in for intermediates. That McLaren decision is a repeat of Australia but he has come out in a pack of cars and that doesn't look good.

Vettel says his tyres won't go the distance but is told there is more rain ahead.

Kovalianen runs wide and Sutil also spins. He's also on intermediates.

Lap 30

Alonso is now the fastest man on track but is 3.9 seconds off Vettel.

Lap 31

Alonso is quickest again and has cut the gap to 3.6 seconds.

Hulkenberg stops for intermediates and slides into his pit box. He's really struggling for grip on the new tyres and loses out to Petrov.

Big accident for Buemi and he took Glock out under braking for turn three.

Lap 32

Safety car, Hamilton, Massa and Schumacher stop for intermediates.

Vettel and Alonso stayed out but Hamilton should rejoin behind them as most of the rest of the field pitted.

Kubica almost collected Liuzzi in the pits.

Lap 33

Vettel and Alonso pit but will they get out ahead of Hamilton? Vettel gets out in front, Alonso has a problem with his tyre and loses a position to Hamilton.

So Hamilton can now attack Vettel, but will he have the car to take on the Red Bull.

A wheel nut flew off Alonso's car as he pitted and that cost him a position.

Lap 34

The pack has now closed up behind the safety car with all the drivers on intermediates. Hamilton is reporting some wear on his front tyres: "We might have to pit again."

Safety car in this lap.

Lap 35

Vettel leads Hamilton over the line with ease, Alonso is close to Hamilton.

Alonso is past Hamilton, Massa is attacking. Hamilton must have run wide in turn one and lost a position to Alonso.

Hamilton has now resumed a decent lead over Alonso but will be kicking himself for making that mistake into turn one.

Lap 36

Barrichello is closing on Schumacher for fifth place.

Kovalainen receives a penalty for speeding in the pit lane.

Liuzzi is up to tenth. Behind him Button was attempting to pass Kobayashi and lost a place to Sutil into turn five. Disaster for Button.

Sutil also lost a place to Heidfeld and on the replay it shows him being a tad over aggresive.

Lap 37

Alonso is the fastest man on the track and has closed the gap to Vettel to 1.2 seconds. Hamilton is 2.4 seconds back in third.

Lap 38

Vettel responds to Alonso with a new fastest lap. Alonso nearly matches him.

Sutil runs wide again after attempting to pass Kobayashi.

Lap 39

Vettel upps the pace again and is now 1.4 seconds up on Alonso. hamilton is 2.9 seconds off Alonso.

We need to hit 42 laps for full race points - I suspect we will.

Alonso is told that he is getting excessive tyre wear and needs to back off a bit.

Lap 40

And as Alonso drops off the pace Hamilton closes in to 1.8 seconds of the Ferrari. Vettel is 2.3 seconds clear at the front.

Lap 41

Petrov has had a huge accident. It was in the final the corner, he got a little bit sideways and then the car maintained the slide all the way to the barriers. He is out of the car and OK but that's bad news for his contract negotiations.

Lap 42

We start lap 42, the maker for full race points. Vettel is 2.7 seconds up on Alonso. Hamilton is now 1.7 off the Ferrari.

Lap 43

Vettel is planning to go to the end of the race on his set of intermediates.

He crossed the line 2.3 seconds ahead but lost 1.3 seconds to Alonso in sector one after going too deep on the brakes into turn one.

Lap 44

The gap at the front is down to 1.1 seconds.

We still have Petrov's car waiting to be cleared.

The sun is starting to set, we should have another 13 minutes of daylight.

Vettel says the visibility in turn one is dangerous.

Lap 45

Vettel responds to Alonso with a personal best to increase the gap to 1.2 seconds.

Hamilton has dropped to 2.6 seconds off Alonso.

Hamilton says the light level is fine. He wants to stay out there.

Lap 46

Vettel's engine has blown! It sounded sick coming down the main straight and he makes it to a gap in the wall before getting out of the way.

Incredible stuff, Red Bull will have two non-finishes here.

Lap 47

Alonso leads Hamilton by 1.4 seconds. With the track drying both the lead cars are going off line to try and cool their tyres in the wet conditions.

Lap 48

Sutil crashes into Kobayashi as he tried to pass. He lost it in the wet under braking and clobbered the Sauber. Kobayashi is still going in tenth.

Button is closing on that tenth place position but has Heidfeld and Alguersuari immediately ahead of him.

Lap 49

Take a look at our live championship standings to see how the title race is panning out. Alonso will lead Webber by 11 points if it ends like this.

Lap 50

Such a shame for Hamilton as his mistake in turn one that led to Alonso passing has cost him massively.

Of course it's a bigger shame for Vettel, who will be 25 points off Alonso if it ends like this.

Lap 51

Kubica is now closing on Hulkenberg. There are a lot of bald intermediate tyres out there now. Five laps remaining.

Alonso was 2.8 seconds clear of Hamilton as they crossed the line.

Massa very nearly lost it at the same point as Webber but held it all together.

Lap 52

Alonso is now 3.6 seconds clear of Hamilton.

Hulkenberg has pitted for another set of intermediates, Kubica is up to fifth.

Button has a half spin on worn tyres but keeps it out of the barrier.

Lap 53

Hamilton has dropped back to 5.4 seconds off Alonso, his tyres may well be on the edge.

Barrichello has made two mistakes on worn tyres and lost two places to Kubcia and Liuzzi.

Lap 54

It's getting very, very dark with just two laps to go.

Hamilton is now 10 seconds off Alonso but has a 17.5 second gap to Massa.

Alguersuari makes a mistake and now has Hulkenberg closing behind him.

Lap 55

Alonso wins the Korean Grand Prix to lead the championship.

Hamilton is second and Massa finishes third. Schumacher should come through for fourth, Kubica fifth and a good result for Liuzzi in sixth.

Alonso stands on top of his Ferrari, arms aloft and faces a bank of flash bulbs.

Alonso starts the final lap in near darkness. Hamilton is 12.3 seconds adrift.

The rear end of the Ferrari is still kicking out on throttle application, so he's not taking it that easily.

Thank you for joining us for what turned out to be a fantastic Korean Grand Prix. Make sure you keep checking the site for all the reaction from teams and drivers.