14.00 All the cars have got away cleanly for the formation lap and are now warming their tyres up. Schumacher is on soft tyres from 14th on the grid, Button has also opted for the softs. Barrichello is on hards behind him.

13.59 Webber has a small spot of oil on the left of his grid spot and has been told by his team to position the car to avoid it when he comes round after the formation lap.

13.58 "I am surya from Dubai, I wish Hamilton wins today here despite the huge advantage of Redbulls. If you can pass on a message to FORCE INDIA TEAM. Beware Williams is right behind."

13.57 The drivers are now in their cars and the teams are preparing to remove the tyre heaters and fire up 24 Formula One V8 engines. Approximately 18,000 bhp is about to be released into the first corner.

13.55 Freidrich says: "I would like to see Ferrari win again, but this time I want Felipe to be on the top spot... Good Luck & Go Ferrari!"

13.53 Just over five minutes until the start of the race and McLaren has confirmed there is a brake problem. However, they have decided not to replace the front left disc and Whitmarsh is confident that it will clear up in the race. He considered a full brake change to be too risky in the short amount of time they have ahead of the start.

13.50 Hamilton has support from every corner of the globe this weekend. Joshua says: "Hey, we are in Kampala waiting for Hamilton to burst beyond the reach of the Ferraris in that 1st corner..."

13.45 Team orders Red Bull style: Christian Horner has told his drivers not to crash into each other at the first corner. Whether they'll keep that in mind as the adrenaline pumps and they stamp on the brakes at the end of the straight is another issue. Whoever wins this race between the Red Bulls will have a huge psychological advantage heading into summer break.

13.43 Track temperature is a healthy 36C so the tyres should be working well over the next two hours. Expect to see just one stop for tyres, possibly starting about 15 laps into the race depending on strategy and degradation.

13.40 The McLaren team are currently working on Hamilton's brakes to check that virbration but the clock is ticking. It's the front left they are inspecting but a McLaren engineer tells the BBC that it is not a major issue.

13.39 Carl says: "Hi Laurence, I am Hamilton's cousin my name is Carl Mitchell we are in sunny Antigua. Just wishing him all the best and hope to see him on the podium. Thank you."

13.37 The cars are now heading to the grid and we just heard a radio communication from Hamilton complaining about a vibration on his car. The team will have about 15 minutes to check the car over on teh grid and we'll keep you updated with any extra news.

13.35 The big story in the paddock overnight was all about the flexi wings on the Red Bulls and Ferraris. The FIA has again passed both cars in scrutineering but McLaren aren't happy.

13.30 If you have any questions or comments send them in by clicking on the link below this window and I will do my best to answer them.

13.27 Further down the grid we've got Hamilton fifth and Rosberg sixth. The McLaren has been off the pace all weekend (Button is back in 11th) but we know from recent grands prix that their race pace is significantly better than their qualifying pace. Whether it will be enough for Hamilton to challenge the cars in front is another matter, but it should make for an interesting race for Button.

13.20 Hello and welcome to a hot and sunny Hungaroring for the 12th round of the 2010 Formula One season. My name is Laurence Edmondson and I will be guiding you through the action today from start to finish.

To be completely honest, we're probably not set for a classic race. Red Bull dominated qualifying yesterday with Vettel's best lap over a second faster than Alonso in the Ferrari, who is third on the grid. However, and it is a bit of a hopeful "however", if Ferrari can get a better start - like they did at Hockenheim a week ago - we might just have a race on our hands.

Lap 1

Alonso makes a great start and gets ahead of Webber. Vettel leads.

Petrov makes a good start and is up to fifth ahead of Hamilton in sixth.

Vettel is pulling a huge lead as Button drops back to 15th at the start.

Lap 2

Hamilton is all over the back of Petrov and makes a pass into turn two around the outside. It was a good move. Hamilton put him under pressure in turn one and then the Renault struggled for traction into the dash to turn two. He probably hit the brakes a bit early and Hamilton breezed aropund the outside.

Lap 3

Vettel leads by 2.5 seconds at the front, Webber is 0.7 behind Alonso. Massa is 0.9 off Webber and a second ahead of Hamilton who has made up for the time he lost behind Petrov.

On lap 2 Alguersuari retired with an engine failure. He may have dropped a fair bit of oil on the track as well. It was a good old fashioned blow up with plenty of smoke from that Ferrrai V8.

Lap 4

Vettel is now 2.9 seconds up on Alonso as Webber is struggling behind the Ferrari in the dirty air.

Lap 5

Vettel finds another second to increase the gap to 3.9. Button and Kobayashi have passed Liuzzi. Button is now up to 14th but his next target is Schumacher.

Lap 6

5 seconds is now the gap at the front but as we've seen before that Red Bull works best in clean air. Webber is still nowhere near close enough to make a move on Alonso.

McLaren was hoping to run Button long but now might be considering an earlier stop. He is currently 1.4 seconds off Schumacher who is reporting problems with his brakes.

Lap 7

6.3 seconds is now the gap at the front. Vettel is a second a lap faster than Alonso.

Lap 8

Kubica us on the back of Rosberg but like Webber and Alonso ahead, the Renault is struggling to find a way past.

Petrov has dropped to 3.8 seconds off Hamilton but has a comfy 3.9 second lead on Rosberg. This could be a very good result for him.

Lap 9

Vettel is now 7.9 seconds up on Alonso. Button is told that Schumacher has a brake problem but is still 1.2 seconds off the back of the Mercedes. In fact he should be more concerned about Kobayashi 0.7 seconds behind him.

Lap 10

Webber is still a second off Alonso. He has dropped to 9.6 seconds off team-mate Vettel in the lead by getting trapped behind the Ferrari.

Lap 11

9.0 seconds is now the gap at the front. Webber is still atking it easy behind Alonso but will also be making sure that Red Bull doesn't overheat behind the Ferrari. His tyres are being prepared in the pits so he might stop on about lap 14 or 15.

Lap 12

Vettel put in a slightly slower lap on that last attempt but was still 0.6 faster than Alonso.

Lap 13

Vettel may also be taking it easy now that he has a lead of 10.5 seconds. No need to win by 30 seconds when you can win by 10.

Lap 14

All eyes are now on the pit garages for the first signs of a tyre change. There is no real action on the track at the moment.

Massa asks what he is going to do 2.1 seconds off the back of Webber. But he is told that he is not close enough to the Red Bull to put into action a plan discussed before the race. What that plan is we don't know.

Lap 15

Button pits as a bit of Liuzzi's front wing has come off on track. And safety car is out. Great work by McLaren to forsee that and pit Button.

Lap 16

Vettel pits. Alonso and Massa also pit as does Hamilton who comes out ahead of Massa.

Sutil and Kubica have made contact in the pit lane.

Rosberg's right-rear wheel nut has come off and he is at the end of the pits without a wheel.

Kubica was released too early and hit Sutil as the Force India came in. Kubica has been sent back out Rosberg has retired.

Lap 17

Webber did not stop and will be hoping he can build a big enough lead over Alonso in clear air to pit and come out in front of him.

Vettel is holding the pack up as Webber streaks away.

Lap 18

Vettel holds position over Alonso at the restart. Barrichello is up to sixth but hasn't pitted.

Lap 19

The pit stop clash between Kubica and Sutil will be investigated by the stewards.

Lap 20

Webber sets a new fastest lap and is now 4.6 seconds up on Vettel and 6.9 seconds up on Alonso. He needs a gap of about 19 seconds to make a pit stop so he has to hope those soft tyres will last the distance.

Lap 21

Webber now has a 5.6 second gap over Vettel who is on the harder tyres now.

Button is up to 10th by pitting early, great call by McLaren as soon as they saw the debris on the circuit.

Lap 22

It's also worth mentioning that Vettel banged over the kerb on the entrance to the pits and may have damaged the floor of his car. It looked like a very late call for him to pit under the safety car.

Lap 23

Webber is still setting fastest sectors at the front and is now 6.8 up on Vettel and 10.1 up on Alonso.

Kubica will get a stop-go penalty for Renault's mistake in the pits. He is already a lap down so that won't make a huge amount of difference to his afternoon.

Lap 24

Vettel matches Webber on that last lap.

Hamilton is out of the race. It looks like a mechanical failure. The engine sounded rough but there were no visual signs of a blow up.

Lap 25

Vettel is now under investigation for not staying within 10 car lengths of Webber under the safety car. Disaster for him because he only did that to help Webber.

Lap 26

Vettel is now on a mission and sets the fastest lap of the race.

Kubcia retires after parking his Renault in the garage.

It was a transmission problem for Hamilton and he reported a loss of drive.

Lap 27

Vettel is told to go as fast as possible to pull a gap over Alonso. Alonso is still within 12 seconds of Webber so he could be in a good position for the win if Vettel does serve a penalty.

Alonso has been made aware of the situation but has been told to stay "wise".

Lap 28

Webber now has the gap up to 12.4 seconds over Alonso but how long will those softs last? He is still faster than Vettel and still putting in fastest sectors.

Lap 29

Drive-through penalty for Vettel and he has to serve that in the next two laps. That will drop him to fourth behind Massa.

Lap 30

Traffic is also playing its part in the race as Webber loses time to Alonso trying to get past backmarkers.

Massa is also made aware of the situation and told to keep it tidy to leapfrog Vettel.

Lap 31

Webber has lost another half second to Alonso on that last lap, his tyres might just be starting to cry enough but he is also in traffic. Of course Alonso will also have to pass those backmarkers.

Lap 32

Webber is struggling with a touch of understeer as Vettel serves his drive through. Vettel comes out ahead of Massa by a long way, the Ferrari simply wasn't fast enough. Vettel is behind Alonso.

Vettel was shaking his fists at the Red Bull pit wall as he came through the pits.

Lap 33

Webber is back on the pace with a new fastest lap.

Lap 34

Webber now has his lead up to 16.1 seconds over Alonso, clearly that Red Bull isn't handling too badly. Vettel is 4.1 seconds behind Alonso.

Lap 35

Alonso responds with his fastest lap of the race but the gap still increases by 0.8 seconds.

Lap 36

Webber sets a new fastest lap with a sensational 1:23.847. The gap is now 17.6 seconds, nearly enough for a pit stop. Red Bull will want a bit of a safety barrier too in case of any finger trouble.

Lap 37

Webber is still circulating in the 1:37s and now has the lead of 18.6 seconds - that is nearly enough to pit for tyres and come out in front of Alonso.

Lap 38

Meanwhile Vettel is 2.5 seconds off Alonso. He must be fuming, this should have been his race but he dropped off Webber in order to give his team-mate a big lead and try and manufacture a one-two.

Lap 39

Red Bull are nearly ready for the stop and Webber asks his team to do it as soon as there is a big enough gap. It is currently 20.6 seconds.

Lap 40

Vettel is visibly reeling in Alonso and the gap is now just one second. Can he break through the dirty air of that Ferrari?

The problem is that the Red Bull is so reliant on aerodynamics for its lap time that it makes it very difficult for a driver to overtake when he is in the dirty air of another car.

Lap 41

Webber's gap is now 22.8 seconds over Alonso but he is coming up behind traffic again.

Lap 42

It's amazing how well Webber's tyres have held up putting in blisteringly fast lap times on very heavy fuel. He now has a 23.3 second lead. Surely the pit stop will be in the next couple of laps.

Lap 43

Webber starts another lap in the Red Bull, it doesn't make sense to keep him out much longer. And the pit crew come out as I type.

Lap 44

Not the fastest stop today but comfortably enough for Webber to resume in the lead. Meanwhile Vettel is still within a second of Alonso.

Lap 45

The only other question that remains is how much fuel Webber and Vettel have used during this race pumping in fast times? But with a 6.1 second lead Webber can afford to cruise for the remaining 25 laps.

Lap 46

Having said Webber can afford to cruise, he has now set a new fastest lap. From Webber's time we can tell that the Red Bull is about 2.0 seconds a lap faster than the Ferrari but still that is not enough for Vettel to make a move.

Lap 47

Webber's lead is now 10.8 seconds at the front of the field. Looking down the field there are no battles apart from the one between Vettel and Alonso. It's also worth remebering that Barrichello still has to stop.

Lap 48

Liuzzi is also closing on Buemi after the Toro Rosso made a mistake through turn two.

Lap 49

Vettel is within 0.5 seconds of Alonso this time across the line.

Lap 50

Webber ios 14.2 seconds in the lead so clearly no concerns about fuel at the front. Of course we had a safety car period that would have saved a fair bit as well.

Lap 51

Vettel has come up behind an invisible barrier of hot and tormented air coming from the back of Alonso's Ferrari and cannot get within 0.5 seconds of the Ferrari. His best hope will be to pass him in traffic.

Lap 52

Webber is comfortably lapping a second faster than Alonso at the front.

Lap 53

Vettel is still pushing very hard and lost the rear of the car through the final corner on that last lap.

Sutil is on the pit wall talking to the Force India bosses. Presumably about how frustrated they are with Renault.

Lap 54

Now Alonso comes up behind the backmarkers. And in pushing hard Vettel runs wide at turn four. However, he can quickly gain that time back.

Lap 55

0.8 seconds is the gap between the Ferrari and Red Bull as they cross the line. Massa is now just 4.8 seconds off the back of Vettel.

Lap 56

Button is still way back down the field in ninth. He has made no impression on de la Rosa in front of him so far.

Barrichello pits from fifth. Soft tyres go on and he comes back out in 11th place.

Lap 57

Vettel is so close to the back of Alonso but is till struggling for rear end grip with the rear of the car stepping out.

Lap 58

So Petrov is now up to fifth, 2.7 seconds up on Hulkenberg but 43.7 seconds down on Massa.

Lap 59

Webber is clearly taking it quite easy and laps Schumacher with ease. The gap to Alonso is now over 20 seconds.

Lap 60

Vettel is still 0.6 seconds off Alonso.

Webber says, "that feels good" as he puts a lap on Schumacher.

Lap 61

Schumacher is now coming under pressure from his ex-Ferrari team-mate Barrichello. It's for the final point and a battle between Mercedes and Williams.

Schumacher is clearly struggling but can Barrichello find a way past on much newer and softer tyres.

Lap 62

Barrichello tried a move up the inside but he wasn't quite close enough. Di Grassi then got in the way of a move into turn 2.

Lap 63

Schumacher gets a better exit out of the final corner that time and Barrichello couldn't get close enough to have a go.

Lap 64

Again Barrichello can't get close enough but with every passing lap he will be getting less performance from his tyres.

Lap 65

The battle between Alonso and Vettel is still raging but like the one between Schumacher and Barrichello, Vettel just can't get close enough.

Lap 66

Now Barrichello is closer and Schumacher nearly puts him in the pit wall as he passes. Terrible, terrible driving by Schumacher. Barrichello gets past and gets the point if he finishes but he then says Schumacher should be black flagged.

Lap 67

No such dramas between Alonso and Vettel they are still split by 0.8 seconds.

Lap 68

Schumacher will be investigated for his 180mph chop on Barrichello and rightly so.

Lap 69

Webber starts his penultimate lap and is 22.5 seconds up on Alonso. Vettel has dropped off now to save his engine.

Lap 70

Webber wins the Hungarian Grand Prix, Alonso is second and Vettel third. Vettel set the fastest lap of the race on his last lap. That was why he dropped off the Ferrari.

Massa was fourth and Petrov takes fifth in the Renault - great result for him.

Webber congratulates his team and says it was a tricky stint on the soft tyres.

Webber starts his final lap as he comes up behind some traffic and laps Button.

Thank you for joining us. Keep checking the site for all the reaction to the on-track drama.