14.00pm The drivers pull away from the grid on the warm up lap with no dramas and no one left behind. Now it's time to build up the tyre and brake temperatures as the drivers weave left to right down the straights.

Kovalainen has a gearbox problem and will start the race a number of laps down if they can get it started again.

The drivers are now lining up back on the grid.

13.59pm Kovalainen's Lotus is being pushed down the pit lane, he will not start from the grid.

13.58pm For those of us that are interested, all the drivers are in their cars, the tyres are on the cars and the team members are about to clear the way.

13.57pm Images from the exclusive Paddock Club show its occupants more interested in Champagne and canapés than the action on the grid.

13.55pm 20C is the air temp with the track at a sticky 39C in the sun.

13.52pm Lotus reveals an inconvenient truth: "10 minutes to go, and this is starting to look like it's going to be a very dry and hot race"

13.52pm Martin Whitmarsh won't say whether the 0.5 km run into the first corner will be long enough for McLaren's F-duct to give its cars an adavatage over the Red Bulls into the first corner.

13.50pm Drivers are filtering back onto the grid to prepare for the start of the race. Jenson Button says a headwind on the main straight could make things interesting into turn one.

13.45pm Rosberg says he is not disappointed to be behind Schumacher on the grid but is a bit concerned by how far ahead Red Bull is.

13.40pm Most cars are either on the grid or heading there. Ferrari are completing a few installation laps: "Both drivers are out on track for a pass through the pits lap"

13.38 On the plus side we should have a great race for third between Hamilton, Alonso, Button and Schumacher - four world champions concentrated in two rows of the grid.

13.30 Welcome to live coverage of the Spanish Grand Prix. Red Bull is first and second on the grid and looks as though it is going to give the rest of the grid a bit of a masterclass this afternoon.

The track is dry and the sun is out at the moment. There is a chance of rain, but we are expecting it to hit some time after the chequered flag has fallen.

Lap 1

Webber gets a good startb in first with Vettel leading Hamilton into turn one.

Rosberg drops to 12th after a terrible start. The Red Bulls are already looking comfortable at the front.

Lap 2

0.7 the gap at the front but a yellow flag is out somewhere. Bad start for Kobayashi in 16th, good start for Barrichello in 12th.

Contact between Buemi and de la Rosa, they both have to pit for repairs.

Lap 3

The field is very spread out at the front, with a second separating most cars in the top eight.

A replay of the start shows Kubica squeeze Rosberg onto the grass, that is why the Mercedes went backwards.

Lap 4

Webber now leads by 1.2 seconds. Bruno Senna in the barriers at the start, a terrible weekend for him in the HRT.

Senna claimed to have a serious problem with that car before the race, now he is out of the race.

Lap 5

Sutil 8th, Alguersuari doing well in 9th but is under pressure from Kubica just 0.6 seconds behind.

Hamilton holding onto the Red Bulls at the moment, just 0.7 separating him and Vettel.

Lap 6

Hamilton told to push with an expected pit stop around lap 20.

Massa also told to go faster and attack Schumacher down the straights. He has a speed advantage over the Mervedes but I would be very surprised if he can get close enough to attempt a pass.

Lap 7

Kubica looks most likely to make a move on the Toro Rosso of Alguersuari.

Vettel is 1.9 off Webber so no danger of a battle at the front for Red Bull.

Lap 8

Alonso puts in a quick lap in the Ferrari after falling back towards Button on the previous lap.

Vettel told to increase his fuel consumption and go faster to catch Webber and hold off Hamilton.

Lap 9

And Vettel increases the gap to Hamilton to 1.3 seconds on that last lap. It just goes to show that Red Bull is cruising this afternoon in comparison.

Lap 10

Senna said he ended up running wide and couldn't keep his car out of the gravel.

Webber now 2.4 ahead of Vettel.

Lap 11

Kubica and Alguersuari is the only serious battle out on track and even that isn't bery close. So it's all about tactics, unfortunately without refuelling the teams won't be able to make that much of a difference.

Lap 12

Webber sets another fastest lap of the race - 1:27.450, 0.4 faster than Vettel's last lap.

Buemi is staging a fightback at the back of the field, picking off HRTs, Virgins and Lotuses.

Lap 13

Liuzzi has pitted for tyres but struggles to get the car going coming back onto the track. On rejoining he forces Buemi wide and over the bumpy run-off.

Lap 14

Liuzzi obviously trying something different today, not quite sure how that will work. Force India tells him to push now he has clear air ahead of Buemi

Lap 15

Mercedes and Ferrari mechanics out too for Schumacher and Massa in the pits. Rosberg left his pit box early as the team struggled to get the front right wheel on. He had to be pushed back into the pit box to ensure it was properly fitted.

Lap 16

Webber and Vettel are lapping abck markers now, with 4.1 seconds sparating them. Alonso pits as does Vettel. Vettel has a slow pit stop so Hamilton could have a go at him.

Lap 17

Button had a problem with his right rear tyre at that stop and Schumacher has snuck past as a result.

Lap 18

Webber in the pits now, that was a much better stop for Red Bull, Hamilton also pits.

Lap 19

And Hamilton gets out in front of Vettel, pushing the Red Bull wide through turn one. A Virgin car was sat on the apex and both Hamilton and Vettel nearly tangled trying to avoid it.

So the pit stops are providing some interest, with Hamilton up to second and Schumacher up to fifth.

But Button is trying to fins a way past Schumacher and looks as though he might have the pace to do it.

The other man who lost out in all that was Rosberg who has dropped to 17th.

Lap 20

Button is trying to get past into turn one, but Schumacher is a past-master at defending around here and makes him go the long way round.

Massa is also joining that battle now.

Lap 21

The big question is whether they can make those hard tyres they just took on last until the end of the race. I suspect they will, but some cars might be worse off than others in the closing laps.

Webber is happy on his tyres, setting another fastest lap and increasing his lead to 9 seconds.

Lap 22

Button got very close to Schumacher that time but couldn't find a way past. Again he had to go to the outside, but he needs to be brave and slam it up the inside.

Being in the slipstream will be taking its toll on Button's tyres as well.

Lap 23

Driver-through penalty for Buemi for rejoining the track unsafely.

His team-mate Alguersuari pulls a brilliant move on Hulkenberg to take 11th. He must have lost out in the pits though as he was in the top ten earlier.

Lap 24

Button more aggresive this time into turn one but can't catch him by surprise.

As they lap other cars Button is looking for a way to take advantage.

As they lapped Chandhok, the pursuing Massa got out of shape and went into the back of the HRT, damaging his front wing.

Lap 25

Massa will have to pit for a new front wing, that is terrible news for him.

Button is still in fine shape behind Schumacher though.

Lap 26

Webber 10.2 ahead of Hamilton at the front, with Hamilton 1.7 up on Vettel.

My mistake, Massa is staying out on track, Ferrari mechanics are returning to their garage. Rob Smedley says the lap times are still ok and the penalty for pitting would be three positions. And Massa duly sets his fastest lap of the race.

Lap 27

Vettel is fastest of all, closing the gap to Hamilton to 1.4 seconds on that last lap.

Lap 28

Webber goes even quicker though, and he is now 10.8 ahead of Hamilton.

Alonso is looking happy in fourth, still in touch with Vettel - maybe he is looking after his tyres for a push later on.

Lap 29

Button still trying to make a move on Schumacher, but the Mercedes is perfectly placed to block him on the inside of turn one.

Chandhok and Alguersuari come together as the Toro Rosso puts a lap on the HRT. Alguersuari cut across the nose of Chandhok as he passed and took the HRT's front wing off - a strange accident indeed.

Lap 30

And now Chandhok stops on track after his pit stop. It looks like a mechanical failure.

Lap 31

Button has now dropped off the gearbox of Schumacher, he might be saving his tyres before having another go.

Lap 32

de la Rosa says he had to retire after half the diffuser was missing due to that tangle with Buemi on the first lap.

Petrov and Kobayashi are now lining up behind Hulkneberg to try and make a pass for 11th place.

Lap 33

Kobayashi, locking his tyres and getting the back end out trying to have a go at Petrov. The Sauber seems to be the fastest car of the trio and the Williams the slowest. But Hulkenberg pits from the lead of that battle.

Lap 34

Vettel is trying to push now to catch Hamilton, the gap is 1.9 seconds.

Alguersuari is given a drive-through penalty for chopping Chandhok up.

Lap 35

Alonso told he is keeping pace with Hamilton and Vettel and that Schumacher is holding everyone up behind. He is also informed that the gap might be big enough to Schumacher to allow for another pit stop.

Lap 36

Webber is still the fastest man out there, setting a 1:26.154. The gap back to Hamilton is now 11.7 seconds, the Red Bull driver hasn't put a wheel out of line so far.

Lap 37

Rosberg pits again to put on soft tyres from 15th place. He is having a terrible time and presumably thinks there is nothing to lose. Those softs should go the distance now.

Lap 38

Button now just under a second off the back of Schumacher and not looking likely to pass Schumacher.

Lap 39

Vettel is still 2 seconds off Hamilton, it will be interesting to see how that battle develops as the tyres wear. Hamilton is notoriously hard on his tyres, it will be the left front that is the first to show signs of wear so keep an eye on it.

Lap 40

Webber is the first to break into the 1:25s at the front of the field.

Lap 41

Webber's lead is the length of the pit straight over Hamilton now, that equates to 12 seconds in time. Hamilton is now complaining of a little less grip, will he have to pit again?

Lap 42

Alonso sets the fastest lap of the race with a 1:25.868, he is 5.3 seconds off the back of Vettel.

Rosberg is now closing on Hulkenberg for 15th place, he should be able to make a pass into turn one.

Lap 43

Alonso sets another fastest lap, his car is really coming to him now.

Rosberg has a look at the outside of Hulkenberg's Williams but we know how difficult it is to pass around there. News comes in that Hulkenberg has a damaged floor.

Lap 44

Vettel told that his front wing adjust is not working so that won't help him close down Hamilton - the gap us still at 2 seconds.

Lap 45

Webber is very fast with a 1:25.147 on that last lap. The lead is up to 14 seconds now.

Buemi is out of his car, so he has retired from the back of the field.

Lap 46

Webber bangs in another fastest lao and finds another second over Hamilton - he looks so comfortable out there. WIll Vettel be able to unlock a similar kind of pace from his Red Bull to challenge Hamilton in the closing stages?

The timing screens are down on the pit wall. The good news is that mine is still working!

Lap 47

Rosberg still trying to find a way past Hulkenberg, that overtake is proving harder to make than I expected.

Meanwhile the gaps between Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso are staying the same.

But Schumacher has dropped to 34.5 seconds off that battle.

Lap 48

Webber setting fastsest sector as he pleases at the front, the Red Bull seems to work so much better in clean air.

Lap 49

Rosberg is on and off the throttle a lot through the final chicane which isn't helping him get close to Hulkenberg. He is told to adjust his front wing to try and get more grip through the corners.

Lap 50

Vettel and Alonso set their personal bests as they hold station behind Hamilton.

Rosberg told Hulkenberg is slow in the apexes and that he should time his accelaeration better. And he gets through into turn 10, a brave move but Hulkenberg didn't put up a big fight.

Lap 51

Schumacher, Button and Massa are now split by 2 seconds, the trailing two cars are not looking as racey as they were earlier.

Lap 52

Hamilton was the fastest man on that last lap, it won't worry Webber but Vettel has dropped to 2.2 seconds behind him.

Lap 53

Webber 14.5 seconds ahead at the front

Lap 54

Schumacher sets his fastest lap of the race, extending the gap to Button to 2.2 seconds.

Lap 55

Vettel comes into the pits with a loose wheel possibly. Soft tyres are on but that is a disaster for Vettel, who drops behind Alonso.

On the previous lap he ran wide at turn eight and through the gravel and the car looked almost undrivable slowing for the pit lane.

Lap 56

So Alonso up to third in front of his home crowd with ten laps remaining. Vettel is 16 seconds down on Alonso now but has fresh tyres to try and close that gap.

News now that a space is being cleared in the Red Bull garage. But Vettel is setting quick sector times so no obvious problem.

Lap 57

Meanwhile, Webber and Hamilton can begin to take it easy at the front now. But Alonso has set a fastets lap in the 1:24s, will he start a charge on the McLaren in front?

Lap 58

Vettel told to take is easy on teh brakes, possibly concerned that there is a problem with the right front.

Lap 59

Hamilton responds to Alonso with a fastest lap of his own. The Spanish fans are still applauding their hero on every lap.

Lap 60

Vettel told his brakes are about to go, so he will start coasting into corners. The gap is 23.3 seconds back to Schumacher so no worries there.

Lap 61

A bit of bodywork appeared to fall off Webber's car, he's still 11.6 clear at the front though.

Lap 62

Vettel runs wide at turn 10 as the car struggles under braking. He's told the situation is critical. And is taking it very easily now.

Lap 63

Vettel is using the gears to engine brake the car into corners. But his laps are only about 2 seconds slower than the front runners.

Lap 64

Schumacher looks comfortable in fifth now. Button is more likely to come under pressure from Massa in the closing stages, than make a pass on the Mercedes.

Lap 65

Hamilton off at turn 3 due to a puncture. It was that left front tyre I pointed out earlier, it let go mid corner with just one lap remaining. He's in the barriers but ok.

Lap 66

Webber now on his final lap and should win with ease from Alonso and Vettel. The Spanish crowd are loving it.

chequered Webber wins the Spanish Grand Prix, a fantastic race by him and Alonso comes through for second.

Vettel takes the final step on the podium, nursing that car home.

Liuzzi stops on the final lap but was out of the points. Schumacher fourth, Button fifth, Massa sixth.

Alguersuari picks up the last point in front of his home crowd.

Webber picks up some extra rubber on his tyres on his slowing down lap to make sure he is over the minimum weight. And punches the air as he climbs out of his car in Parc Ferme.

Alonso gets a huge cheer from the home crowd as he steps out of his car.

So, certainly not as boring a race as we feared but Red Bull's dominance, in Webber's hands at least, was undeniable.

Thank you for joining us, keep checking ESPNF1 for all the post-race reaction and we'll be back in a week's time for the Monaco Grand Prix. Don't forget, the first practice session starts on Thursday not Friday.